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10 most Famous Serial Killers of all time

Serial killers are among the most notorious criminals in history, with their heinous crimes capturing the public’s attention for decades. They have committed brutal murders that have shocked and horrified

Most Recent Serial Killer

Have you heard the news? We hear about a new crime, scandal, or tragedy every day. But there’s something about the latest case that has caught the attention of the

20 Worst Female Serial Killers of All Time

Focus keyword: Female Serial Killers URL:bornakiller.com/female-serial-killers We’ve all heard about Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy, but there are a few more female serial killers who are less well known.

Why Do Serial Killers Kill?

Serial killers have long been a source of fascination and horror for society. These individuals commit murders, often with distinct motives and methods, leaving behind a trail of death and

American serial killers

Serial killers commit multiple murders with some form of psychological or sexual gratification.  America has had its fair share of notorious serial killers who have caused fear and terrorized communities.

Worst Serial Killers

Serial killers have fascinated people for decades. From the most prolific killers to those with just a few proven victims, the stories of these murderers capture our attention and curiosity.

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